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DW series solid windows and doors adopt imported larch,oak,catalpa,spruce and teak wood as the profiled laminated material with excellent parallel wood grain texture.

After special process treatment of diameter-cut,finger-joint,etc,its natural anisotropy of the wood will get an overall improvement, resulting a greatly avoiding of its natural defect  effect on product quality. The solid wood JFP also has the features of high compressive strength,strong resistance to bending,small shrinkage and swelling , and not easy to warping and cracking. Germany and Italy CNC marching , grinding,surface treatment and other processes bring the series of win-door strong anti-corrosion, compression and anti-deformation capacity. We use Italy auto painting line with the Germany brand solid window painting which has the most striking features of environmental protection and weather resistance, ensuring all our wood windows & doors effective guarantee against rain erosion and solar ultraviolet aging effects in a variety of climatic conditions. The elegant and excellent solid wood products, matched with double-layer hallow glass, three-layer EPDM sealant, and Germany brand hardware, show as an outstanding performance of insulation and decoration.

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Wood Windows